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September 9, 2017 Game Day - Michigan vs Cincinnati

Posted on September 9, 2017 by Barry Gallagher

September 9, 2017 is Game Day as Michigan plays Cincinnati at the Big House.  Today’s game is unique this season because it is the first time Michigan and Cincinnati have ever clashed on the football field. It seems like Michigan has played every major team in the State of Ohio, but no! They have never played a down against the Bearcats - until today.

Today’s post will take a closer look at what has happened on this day in Michigan Football History. Then I will give you some of the history on how we have fared against “Ohio” teams in the last 138-years.

Calendar History: The University of Michigan has played a total of three games on the second day of September. So far, the results have great because the Wolverines have won every game ever played on September 9th and we want that pattern to continue today! Here is the very short history about Michigan Football on the ninth day of September.

  • September 9, 1995. Michigan’s first game on this date took place in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Wolverines were rude hosts as they sent the Memphis Tigers home to ponder a 24-7 loss.
  • September 9, 2000. Michigan’s second game on September 9th was also played in Ann Arbor. The Maize and Blue footballers defeated Rice by a score of 38-7.
  • September 9, 2006. Michigan’s hosted Central Michigan University and defeated the Chips by a score of 41-17.

Just like last week, Lloyd Carr is the only Michigan coach to lead a team on this date so far. Of course, that will change as Jim Harbaugh leads his team onto the field at Michigan Stadium.  Hopefully, Michigan will extend their winning streak to four games on this day in Michigan Football History.

Best Wolverine Performances on September 9th: I could only find one notable performance on this date. Running back Tim Biakabutuka carried the ball 25 times and gained 143-yards against Memphis on September 9, 1995. That’s it! Michigan has played well enough to win every game on September 9th, but there were no other notable performances, just good, solid, football!

Tim Biakabutuka ran for 143-yards on September 9, 1995 against Memphis. The Wolverines won the game that day by a score of 24-7. Photo courtesy of the Bentley Historical Library at The University of Michigan.

Series History: Today’s opponent, the Cincinnati Bearcats, make their first appearance against Michigan today! Like I said in the introduction, Michigan has played many games against Ohio teams, (183 to be exact) but never against Cincinnati.  History is on Michigan’s side when they play teams from Ohio.

Here is a quick look at how the Wolverines have fared against teams from Ohio since 1891.

 Michigan vs Ohio Teams 1891-2016

Ohio Team Wins Losses Ties
Adelbert 1 0 0
Akron 1 0 0
Bowling Green 2 0 0
Case 26 0 1
Cleveland AA 0 1 0
Denison 1 0 0
Kenyon 1 0 0
Marietta 2 0 0
Miami (OH) 6 0 0
Mount Union 7 0 0
Oberlin 9 0 0
Ohio Northern 3 0 0
Ohio State 58 48 6
Ohio Weslayan 2 1 1
Toledo 0 1 0
Wabash 1 0 0
Western Reserve 2 0 0
Wittenberg 2 0 0
TOTAL 124 51 8


The odds are definitely on Michigan’s side today against another team from Ohio. In fact, there is almost a seventy-percent chance (.699) that the Wolverines based on the above numbers. Of course, things change even more, if you take Ohio State out of the picture. Michigan has an overall record of 58 wins, 48 losses and 6 ties against the Buckeyes which is a winning rate of fifty-four percent (.545).

Michigan has played a total of seventy-one games against the other seventeen teams listed above. The Maize and Blue footballers own a much more impressive record of 66 wins, 3 losses and 2 ties against these teams. That’s a winning percentage of just over ninety-four percent (.943). Yes, the odds are definitely in Michigan’s favor today since they are playing an Ohio team that is not Ohio State!

The Wolverines have a winning record against sixteen of the eighteen Ohio teams that they have played so far. Only the Cleveland Athletic Association and Toledo have winning records (1-0-0) against Mighty Michigan. The last time Michigan lost to an Ohio team, other than OSU, was the Toledo shocker in 2008.

Football Firsts Associated with this Day and teams from Ohio:

  • Once again, today is the first game in Michigan Football History against Cincinnati.
  • Michigan’s first game against an Ohio team was October 24, 1891 when Michigan defeated Oberlin by a score of 26-6
  • Michigan’s first loss to an Ohio team also took place in Cleveland to the Cleveland Athletic Association. Final score: Michigan 4 Cleveland AA 8.

Today. Both teams have a record of 1 win and 0 losses heading into today’s game. Luke Fickell is building his program at Cincinnati. Since this is his first year, things might not go perfectly this season. The Bearcats will be as prepared as they can be, but #8 Michigan is just too good at every position. Jim Harbaugh is in the third year of his tenure and he has Michigan heading in a very, very good direction. Michigan has the advantage in talent and I have to give the “Coaching” edge to Coach Jim Harbaugh and his staff. Of course, the “history” is on Michigan’s side today, especially when they are squaring off against an Ohio team that is not Ohio State. I cannot “sugarcoat” this prediction - it will be a long day for the Bearcats.

My Prediction:

Michigan wins this game and they win BIG! I think the final score will be 55-3. Michigan’s second victory for the 2017 season should be in the books around 3:00 pm on Saturday. More importantly, program win number 937 should be “history” as well. Go Blue!

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