21-194-13 Michigan Football’s Greatest Era

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Michigan Football’s Greatest Era tells a sixty-three year story about the highs and lows of Michigan Football from 1948 to 2010. It details how the Wolverines slipped from the top of the college football world to the top of the middle of the pack from 1948 to 1968. Then, it tracks Bo Schembechler’s twenty-one year journey to get the Wolverines back on top of their game. Bo’s work gave Michigan Football Fans the greatest era of the school’s magnificent football history. No losing seasons in twenty-one years, one hundred and ninety-four wins and thirteen Big Ten Championships. The numbers─21-194-13─are staggering. This book is loaded with original research on all six coaches of this period, along with charts, tables and photographs that tell a complete story about the Modern Era of Michigan Football. Foreword by Michigan Man─#22 Glenn Doughty.

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