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November 28, 1931 Smallest Crowd Ever at Michigan Stadium.

On November 28, 1931, the Michigan Wolverines hosted Wisconsin in front of the smallest crowd ever at Michigan Stadium.  If you can believe it, only 9,190 people showed up to […]

November 21, 1985 First Night Game at Michigan Stadium

Today’s blog goes back to November 21, 1985 – the day of the first night game at Michigan Stadium. Contrary to popular belief, the first night game at Michigan Stadium […]

October 1, 2017 Happy Birthday Michigan Stadium!

The purpose of today’s blog is to wish “Happy Birthday” to Michigan Stadium. Yes, that wonderful structure came to life ninety-one seasons ago on October 1, 1927. The first game […]

September 27, 2008 Wolverines Won the 500th Game Played in Michigan Stadium History!

September 27, 2008 was an important day in Michigan Football History because it was the day that the Wolverines won the 500th game played in Michigan Stadium history. This day […]