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  • Marty Gallagher says:

    That game, which no one knows about, is up there with Harmon vs OSU, another original wolverine SLASH.

  • Marty Gallagher says:

    Those who stay!

  • Ben Gembis says:

    Gembis also kicked the first field goal in Michigan Stadium against Illinois in 1928

    Ben Gembis (grandson)

    • Ben,

      Great comment. I did not know that your grandfather kicked the first field goal in Michigan Stadium history. I will use this important fact on November 3, 2017 because I am going to declare 2017, Michigan Football Firsts Year! I have a year’s worth of Wolverine football firsts and now I have one more! Thanks again and Go Blue!

  • Marty Gallagher says:

    One of the greatest for sure, but I remain partial to Robinson to Roundtree against Notre Dame, at night….. We were desperate for that at the time…. Maybe even triple overtime against Sparty at the Big House. They won’t need Braylon or Triple Overtime on Saturday…… GO BLUE! The longer the hang, the harder it will be.

  • Susan Colvin says:

    I would like to thank you for your article about Clement Quinn. Clement was my great uncle and brother of my grandfather Maurice J. Quinn. I grew up in the Detroit area and remember many U of M “tail gate” lunches with my grandfather while in high school. Even though I don’t live in Michigan anymore, I am still a University of Michigan Football fan. Thank you again.

    Best regards,

    Susan Quinn Colvin

    • Susan,

      You are very welcome! I love writing about the history of Michigan football, especially the men that I call the “Pigskin Pioneers” and those like your great uncle, Clement Quinn, who played for the legendary Fielding Yost. I think you might enjoy today’s post about another Pigskin Pioneer named Walter Horton.

      Thanks for reading my posts. I hope you continue to follow me as I tell the story of Michigan football – one day and one player at a time.


      PS In addition to blogging everyday, I am nearly done with my next book about Michigan football. It is the history of the Michigan vs Michigan State rivalry. The title is “Every Game Drew Blood! The Nasty Football History of Michigan and Michigan State – 1898 – 2016.” No one has ever told this story, so I am quite excited to get it out there in September 2017!

  • Mr Lynn R Evans says:

    Great story on Michigan football and Mike Shatusky. I was football manager for the team during these years and Senior Manager in 1957. I later became President of the M Club(Varsity letters winners) and served on the Athletic Advisory Board for 6 years as the alumni rep. Mike and I remained friends for all his years and I remain good friends today with his wife Jan. I continue to be close to UM today as I have missed 2 home games in the last 62 years. I also have basketball season tickets. Great story….keep up the good work. PS I am the guy in the third row in the suit in the 1957 team picture

    • Hi Lynn,
      Thanks so much for the feedback/comments. Wow, Mike Shatusky was one of my favorites growing up. He sounds like a good man to know! I am glad that a dedicated Michigan Man like you appreciates my work. Bo Schembechler god me “addicted” to Michigan football history when I got to know him during my time as a ROTC instructor at UM (1985-1989). I would like to take you to lunch some time when I am in town. Actually, I will be in Ann Arbor in early April, so let me know!

      Go Blue,


  • Mr Lynn R Evans says:

    Great story on Michigan football and Mike Shatusky. I was one of the football managers for the team during that period and Senior Manager in 1957.. I later became President of the M Club(varsity letters winners) and served on the Atletic Department Advisory Board for 6 years as the alumni rep. Mike and I remained friends for all his lifetime and I remain good friends with his wife Jan. I remain close with UM today as I have missed two home games in 62 years(50th wedding ann. trip to Europe) 5 years ago and also continue to have season basketball tickets today. Great story….keep up the good work. Go Blue Lynn R. Evans BBA, MBA 1959 PS I am the guy in the third row with the suit in the 1957 team picture

  • Marty Gallagher says:

    Still the Michigan standard! Desmond/Woodson/Rocky/Maverick

  • Marty Gallagher says:

    I wish this guy had stayed longer. He was tough to tackle.

  • Jennifer Sciamanna says:

    This was forwarded to me by a former U of M teammate’s wife….Thank you. Jennifer Julian Sciamanna
    (Fred’s daughter). Always good to be reminded of my dad’s history at U of M. Proud girl I am.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I am glad that you enjoyed reading my article about your dad! I love reading about men like your father who didn’t get a ton of headlines, but played the game the right way and did the best they could to carry on the Michigan football tradition. Although I love what Jim Harbaugh is doing at UM right now, I am trying to be the “voice” for all the great players in Michigan Football history who you don’t hear much about any more. There are thousands of men like your dad who make up the “Long Blue Line” that is the greatest program in the history of college football! Go Blue!

      Thanks for Reading,


  • Richard Day says:

    Dear Berry, I was a “walk-on” during spring practice 1957. My DOB is May 6, 1933. Oosterbaan, Elliot, and Dufek were the coaches. Terry Barr was there, but Ron Kramer was on the track team and did not play. Civil Engineering was my major and I did not have time for football, but “nothing ventured nothing gained. Ultimately us “Scrubs” beat the Varsity 25-12. Oosterbaan was definitely not happy. I went on to get a DDS and eventually an MS in Orthodontics. We lived in Alaska for 51 years. This story is the only thing I have had published in our Alaska Dental Journal. I think you would enjoy it. If you would like a copy I will try to dig it up for you.
    Dick Day

    • Hi Dick,

      Thanks for the note. It is always great to hear from guys like you who know about the “real” history of Michigan football. Wow, I remember reading once that a bunch of freshman beat Bennie’s varsity, but I wasn’t sure about the year. Now, I know! So, it looks like you and your young teammates may have pushed Bennie into retirement. How about that?

      I love reading and learning about guys like you, and your teammates, who truly made the history of Michigan Football. Every man who practiced and played is part of the winningest program in the history of college football. Thanks for putting on that Winged Helmet! I hope you continue to follow my blog.

      Thanks for reading!

      Barry Gallagher
      Go Blue!

  • Alan Knaus says:

    John Rowser was (I believe) on the UM freshman basketball team and he could dunk!

    • Hi Alan,

      Thanks for the comment. The only other thing I saw about John in the Media Guide was a mention about track. Apparently, he was quite an athlete! Thanks for reading. Today, I wrote about the passing of Jim Mandich. GO Blue!

  • Marty Gallagher says:

    Most EXPLOSIVE player in Michigan Modern History. A threat to score every time he touched it. After Desmond….. hmmm, I vote Denard, then Wheatley.

    Go Blue!

  • Marty Gallagher says:

    Part 2 is coming soon in the form of Zack Gentry. Gators beware, timely touchdown coming….

  • Marty Gallagher says:

    This guy actually outrushed Harmon in at least one game…. big weapon, makes me how fun it is going to be to watch K Hill, the TD Machine in his final year. I think he has even more TDs this year while the passing game is jelling. Look out, Westfall was the original but the FB Weapon has returned to the Double A.

  • Marty Gallagher says:

    First touch TD like AC and Denard. How about Kareem Walker or Tyreke Black this year. It is history and a Michigan tradition.

  • Marty Gallagher says:

    Henne was legit from day one, but having guys like Tim M must have made things a little easier.

  • Marty Gallagher says:

    Harbaugh favorite!

  • Susan Taylor says:

    Thank you for that wonderful write up!
    Art Valpey was my maternal Grandfather!

    • Hi Susan,

      Glad you enjoyed my post on Grandpa Valpey! I really enjoy hearing from family members like you when I write about players of the “past.” I hope you keep reading and enjoying my other posts as well. I have a new book about Bo Schembechler coming out later this month. The title is” The Legend of Bo Schembechler – How an Unknown Buckeye Became the Winningest Coach in Michigan Football History.” Go Blue!

      Barry Gallagher

  • Robert D Clouse says:

    Thanks for this post, Barry. Sorry it took me so long to see it. Vince Mroz was my great uncle – my grandmother’s younger brother. He’s the second Vince Mroz – the first was kidnapped by the family nanny in Poland before the Mroz’ emigrated to the U.S. He was finally able to locate his missing namesake much later in life, and because of his Secret Service role. He had a fascinating life story, including the episode you mention briefly in which he took part in stopping an assasination attempt on President Truman’s life.

    • Hi Bob,
      Thanks for reaching out to me. I love writing about men like your great uncle. Michigan has a wonderful football history because of men like Vince Mroz and all the men who are part of the long Maize and Blue line dating back to 1879. I hope you continue to follow my work and join me in celebrating the history of Michigan Football – one day, one man at a time! Go Blue!

  • Phil Hopper says:

    I remember these games in Ann Arbor but I had no idea of the magnitude of stats our coach had compiled. Its his desire to compete and win he is instilling in the players of today.
    Great read!!

  • Roger Engholm says:

    Barry –

    Good Morning on this Christmas Eve day.

    I had bookmarked your site and went back to it today. What caught my eye is the birthday wishes for David Molk. The reason it caught my attention is that I am one of the 5 guys on the Michigan Athletic Department Event Team group that give tours of the Big House. For a long time we have wondered who all the pictures are on the mural (right outside the visiting media room) in the hallway going from the kitchen to the tunnel. The last picture to the right is of David Molk in his center stance – just like that of Gerald Ford farther to the left. So this is good information for me since we occasionally walk by the picture with different groups.

    Dave Ablauf was good enough to get us the full list of all the names of the guys pictured and the coaches in the background. We obviously want to be as accurate as possible. So thanks to you and many others I’ll be able to be very accurate on facts we give out to all our guests.

    By the way, in U-M fiscal 2016-2017 we had 960 tours involving 11,000 people. I know I for one will utilize your information extensively.

    • Hi Roger,
      Thanks for the nice note. I saw this on Christmas, but haven’t had a lot of time to reply. I am glad that my information was able to help you. My site has over 480 articles about Michigan Football history. Hopefully, you may find more information to help you in the future.

      How often are the tours done? Are they only done in season, or year round? Are they open to the public? Is there a URL I can go to to get more information?

      Happy New Year – Maybe we can meet this year. I get to Ann Arbor about 4-5 times a year.

      Go Blue!

      Barry Gallagher

  • Jeff Koukl says:

    My cousin was on the Michigan football team with tom Coyle. Reading about him brought back a lot of pleasant memories of going to games in Ann Arbor when I was a kid.I even met him a couple of times.What a great thrill that was for me.

  • john hocking says:

    I was fortunate to see Jim Pace play multiple times in person even though i was only 6-8 yrs old. I distinctly remember how graceful and fast he was on punt returns as he wove his way through would-be tacklers. I probably saw his TD return as it is such a vivid memory. One of my favorite Michigan players. But sad to think of him passing away so young.

    john hocking

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for the note. Yes, Jim Pace was a very good player in his time. He definitely left his family and friends, way too soon.
      Thanks for reading. Tomorrow is my 600th straight post and Jim Mandich will be my Wolverine of the Day. Go Blue!

  • David Herrick says:

    Thank you for the very kind article and Birthday wishes! Go Blue!

  • harvey elliott says:

    Tony is my nephew. I had the pleasure of attending many blue games and the Rose Bowl victory.

    Tony is still a very humble, righteous man. A dedicated father and husband. Not to mention a great nephew!! A real joy to be around.

  • David Dobreff says:

    Great job whoever wrote this. Thank you.

    • David Dobreff says:

      Thank you Barry Gallagher.

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the compliment. I wrote this article last year. If you checked my site out, you will notice that I write about Michigan players and coaches everyday. I base all my posts on the birthdates or passing date of Michigan Men, like you, who have made Wolverine Football the winningest program in the history of college football. I am actually going to run your article again this year because it was one of the most popular posts I did in July 2017. Go Blue!

      Barry Gallagher

  • Esther says:

    Hello! I’m esther harris his daughter ! Thank you for such a lovely post! My father passed away in feb 2005 . It’s 2018 and I’m just seeing this! Amazing post thank you again 🙂

    • Hi Esther,

      Thank you for the note about your father – Billy Harris. I did not know that he passed in 2005. I will update my records.

      I am sorry for your loss. He died way too soon. May your father continue to Rest in Peace.

      Barry Gallagher

  • Amber Harris says:

    This is my dad! Unfortunately he passed away when i was young so I didn’t know much about his football career but this made me feel a bit closer to him. Thank you for the post!

    • Hello Amber,

      I did not know that your father died in 2005. Obviously, I would have changed the tone of the article.

      I was definitely sad to learn that he passed while he and you were so young.

      I will update my records for future articles.

      I am sorry that you didn’t have more time with your father. May he continue to rest in peace.

      Barry Gallagher

  • Scott Witmer says:

    I was born in ’71
    The Defensive back #29 is think
    Total guess
    Loved the video
    Go Blue from Troy 〽️i

    • Scott,

      I really enjoyed writing this article because Gil Chapman was an amazing runner at a time when Bo’s backfield was loaded.

      Thanks for the comment and for reading my posts.

      Go Blue!

      Barry Gallagher

  • Drew Gambill says:

    That is my Great Grandfather!

    • Hi Drew,
      That’s awesome. You would not believe how many emails I get like this from sons, daughters, wives, and grandchildren.
      It is always fun to hear from folks/fans like you.
      I love telling the story of Michigan Football through the lives of men like your grandfather.
      I hope you continue to read my posts and learn more about the winningest program in the history of college football.
      Go Blue,

      Barry Gallagher

  • Eric J says:

    I played with Allen in High School…yes he was a great player and I also wonder he is today…

    • Hi Eric,

      Yes, I can’t always find out what happened to some of my Wolverines of the Day, but it’s fun when I do. I hope Alan is doing well.
      Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy learning about our Wolverines as much as I enjoy writing about them.
      Go Blue!

      Barry Gallagher

      • Allen J says:

        Hello Barry…

        All is well on my end my friend… I appreciate your thoughts and kindness as I can assure you that I am very healthy and happy… I am currently working on my doctorate in education and will be done in July ’19.

        Thank you again for the kind words…

        M Go Blue!!!
        Allen #28

        • Hi Allen,
          Thank you for the update. I am glad you liked my article. I love telling the story of Michigan Football through the players and coaches who built the winningest program in college football history. You are definitely part of something special.

          I spent 30 years in the Army and was fortunate to retire as a Colonel. I got into educational administration after the Army and did that for 14 years. I was accepted into the Seton Hall Doctoral Program, but had to drop our when my mother’s health started to fail. We were on the road from Illinois to Michigan a lot before she finally passed. I know what a big commitment a doctoral program requires. Congratulations on being on the track to completion.
          Keep up the great work!

          Barry Gallagher

        • Allen,

          Thanks and Go Blue!

          This weekend was rough, but Harbaugh is still on the right track. Ohio State was way, way ahead of us before he arrived. We still have some work to do, but will get there!

          Go Blue!


    • Allen J says:

      Hello Eric and thank you for your well wishes… I am currently in the dissertation phase of my doctorate in education and planning on blending my story into my research.

      I appreciate your support and kindness.

      M Go Blue!!!

      Allen #28

    • Nofrop says:

      I ran into him last night, in St Clair Shores…nice guy to talk to . He seems to be doing well.

  • JS says:

    I am Milo’s Grandson and someone sent this to my sister a couple of days ago. Thank you.

    • Hi!
      I am glad you enjoyed my post on Grandpa Sukup. If you looked at my site, you can tell that I love Michigan Football History. Especially, sharing the stories of men like Milo Sukup. Yes, everyone likes today’s heroes, but there are thousands of men who came before and they are why Michigan is the winningest program in college football history. Go Blue!

      Thanks for reading and contacting me,

      Barry Gallagher

      PS If you are a Michigan Football fan, you might be interested in my new book that is coming out later this month. It is titled, “The Legend of Bo Schembechler: How an Unknown Buckeye Became the Winningest Coach in Michigan Football History.”

  • Alan Douglass says:

    Prestiss P. Douglass was my grandfather. I live in Lexington, Kentucky with my wife as do my other two brothers. My grandfather I believe would have been proud of his two sons who lived here in Lexington, and would also be proud of his many grandchildren and great grandchildren!! Alan Douglass

    • Hi Alan,
      Thanks for reaching out! I love telling the stories of Michigan Men like your grandfather and hearing from children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, wives – you name it. Sounds like he helped to create a great family!

      Great time to be a Wolverine, don’t you think? Go Blue, Beat Rutgers!

      Barry Gallagher

  • Eleanor Coyle Kruis says:

    Tommy was born in Dublin, Ireland.

  • I am trying to find Robert “Bob” Manns children. I am the current owner of the home he was born in, and his parents raised him in. Dr. William and Clara Mann carried on many of the 1st things as well, and the Mann home in New Bern, NC has been on tour many times. The house is mid century and the Manns were inventive even as early as 1920.

  • In celebrating Bob Manns Birthday, his birthplace should be added in the article for 2019. I own his birth place in New Bern, NC. His parents raised the Mann to be a 1st because they too were honored of some of the firsts. First African American Dr in New Bern. Clara his mother was an administrator with Craven County Schools, and she was behind helping form the first Hospital and Library for AFrican Americans in New Bern with her husband William.

  • Margaret Parisen says:

    How can I print this story? I am Margaret (Heikkinen) Parisen (UofM ’66), eldest daughter of Ralph Heikkinen. Thanks.

    • Hi Margaret,

      Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I will send you my Word text file and add the picture. Is your email: birchcourt@roadrunner.com?

      So, it looks like you were a senior at UM when your cousin Rick was in his first year. I first met Rick in 1966 because he was a college roommate of my best friend, Rod Rohloff. I have seen Rick off and on at various Rohloff Family events ever since. In fact, I saw Rick and Mary at Rod and Pat’s 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration in June.

      Of course, Rick is fighting a wretched disease as bravely as any man can. It is sad to see him struggle so much, but the Heikkinen “fighting spirit” is still strong in that Michigan Man! I know Mary and all the family are supporting him as well as any family could.

      I don’t know if Rick is still able to read much, but I would be honored if you could get my newest book, The Legend of Bo Schembechler, to him and Mary. If you don’t think that would be a good idea, just let me know.

      Please verify your email address and provide an address and I will send you two books – one for you and one for Rick and Mary.

      Thanks again for reaching out – Go Blue!

      Barry Gallagher

    • Joe says:

      Hi Margaret,

      Where was Ralph laid to rest? I would like to add him to the memorials of his parents and siblings. Thanks

      • Hi Margaret,

        I believe Ralph Heikkinen was living in Oakland County, Michigan at the time of his death. I don’t know where he is buried, but I am trying to find out.

        Thanks for reading. Go Blue

        Barry Gallgher

  • Margaret Parisen says:

    Thanks for your reply. Yes,that is my email. I look forward to getting your article. I do not have Rick’s address and am not a reader of football history but if I can get Rick’s address I will contact you. Thanks anyway for your offer of the books.

  • Marc Herman says:

    Please correct “Harris” to “Yost” 😉

    • Hi Marc,

      Thanks for the suggestion, but I see no need to change something that is correct. Coach Yost’s full name was Fielding Harris Yost. If that’s what his parent’s wanted his name to be, then, so be it.

      Am I missing something?

  • Matthew Blakeley says:

    I would guess Gary Moeller did it in 1994 with a January 1st Rose Bowl win over NC State and then the Holiday Bowl win over Colorado State. He would then be removed from his coaching duties shortly after for an off the field incident and replaced by Lloyd Carr prior to the 1995 season.

    • Hi Matthew,

      Yes, Mo would have been a great choice since Bo’s reputation was tarnished by his overall bowl performance. Gary Moeller won 4 out of 5 bowl games and 5 out of 6 when you include his win over alama in the 1988 Hall of Fame Bowl when he stepped in for Bo. That’s a bowl winning percentage of .833 which is the best in Michigan Football History for a coach with more than two bowl wins!

      Thanks for following my site and Go Blue, Beat Florida!

  • Johnny Ray Williams says:

    In case you wanted to do an article on Dan Jilek his birthday was 12/10/1953

  • John Peters says:

    I truly enjoyed this piece. I had the good fortune to work with Quentin from 1983 till his retirement in the late nineties. He shared that he was offered more money to take sales position with 3M upon than the Detroit Lions offered him at the time. Quent had a successful career as a financial advisor for forty years, and as a widower in 2005 Joanne Dart, his official Rose Bowl escort from ‘48, found him on the web and they were once again a couple for this last decade. Quent died April 24 of this past year at age 91, and he was bright and happy throughout retirement. Thanks for writing this great piece, Quent surely would have loved it

    • Hi John,

      Happy New Year! I have been on vacation for the past 10 days and didn’t do much work on my site. Thanks for the information about Quentin Sickles. I will update my records now that he has passed.

      It sounds like he did a lot of “living” after his football days were over. Good stuff!

      May Quentin always Rest In Peace. Go Blue

      Barry Gallagher

  • Brad says:

    Great stuff. I wish there was game film of Ron Johnson in action, but I haven’t seen any. I was 9 years old at the time he ran for over 300 yards. Thanks for posting this.

    • Hi Brad,

      Thanks for the comments. Like you, I haven’t seen a lot of footage about Ron Johnson. I think Dr. Sap has the best collection on his You Tube site. Check it out!

      Go Blue!


  • brad says:

    Great stuff. I wish there was game film available because I was 9 years old at the time.

  • Eddie McIntyre says:

    Dear Barry,
    I enjoyed reading your post on my brother, Andree McIntyre dtd Dec 2, 2018. Andree past away on Feb 20, 2019 and I would love to have a copy of your post to share with my family at his services. The services are scheduled for Mar 2, 2019 in Dayton, OH. I would appreciate it if you could email me a finished copy suitable for framing and any other pictures you may have. Thank you in advance.

    • Hello Eddie,
      Thanks for reaching out. I was so sad to read your message. As I wrote in my December 2018 article, I remember Andree because he was one of my favorite players. I know that he will be missed. I updated the article and will send it to you in a separate message. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for the loss of your brother.

      I will mail the article to you at: elmcintyre2@yahoo.com

      Barry Gallagher

  • TIna Herndon says:

    It was nice reading this memory about our brother Andre McIntyre. We will be posting this article up at his Memorial Service. Andre passed away on February 20, 2019.

    Thank you for this memory

    • Hi Tina,

      Actually, I updated the article at the request of his brother, Eddie. I will send you a copy in another file.
      I was very sad to hear of Andree’s loss. I was a season ticket holder for his last three seasons and loved to watch him play. May he rest in peace.

  • Pam Scott-Regulus says:

    My condolences to the McIntyre Family, I just heard of his passing through one of his Mendel Monach HS brothers. I attended Longwood and was a Pom-Pom girl for Mendel. Andree and I was good friends. I have nothing but good memories of him. I also enjoyed reading your article regarding Andree. I always knew, he would do greatness in whatever he did, especially with football.

  • Robert M. Chmiel says:

    Please help..I am Bob Chmiel former Michigan
    football recruiting coordinator. Being a Chicago guy I assisted in recruiting Andree.
    Do you have any further info about a memorial
    or funeral…Thank you,Bob

    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks for reaching out. Andree was laid to rest in Dayton, Ohio on March 2, 2019. I did not see an obituary for Feb 20 or 20. Apparently, he died on February 20, 2019.
      I have no information about any memorials.

      Sorry I could not be of more help.


  • Pete Thanos says:

    I was Andree McIntyre’s High School coach at Mendel Catholic, and guided him through the recruiting process. Bob Thornbladh really liked Mac, and the feeling was mutual. Coach Schembechler did make that promise, as I was with him, blade, and Mac when he visited Andrees home. Andree was a great football player at Mendel, and a great student. I and many others will miss him terribly.

    • Hi Pete.
      Yes, Andree was special! I know Bob Thornbladh and I knew Bo too. Andree did his coach (you) and Mendel Catholic proud! A true Blue Michigan Man and a champion for life.
      Are you still coaching or did you hang up your whistle?

      Sad to see him go so early in life.

      Go Blue!

      Barry Gallagher

  • Vincent DeFelice says:

    Thanks for the time you took on post this. Dre was a great player, great teammate and a friend. RIP big fella!!

    • Vince,

      I lived in Ann Arbor and was a season ticket holder for his last three years. Saw and heard many of his bone crunching tackles. Loved his BIG smile too!
      May Andree Rest in Peace,

      Barry Gallagher

  • Nancy Lynne says:

    Fantastic Billy! Congratulations! You deserve the recognition and you are helping so many turn their lives around. God Bless you for the work and dedication you do.

  • Vikki Houston says:

    This is fantastic Uncle Bill!- Congratulations we love you!

  • russell majors says:

    Tom Harmons conduct on and off the playfield
    are exemplary.My father walked to classes
    with Tom and shared rumors about the P-38
    fighter plane, just invented by Kelly Johnson
    Honoring Tom Harmon on Sept28th on his 100th
    birthday at the Rutgers game is a must.How
    can I particpate in this? RSVP Russ Majors

    • Hi Russ,

      Glad you liked my article. Wow – Michigan definitely needs to do some special to honor Mr. Harmon. I don’t know if they are going to do anything or not, but I would call Dave Ablauf at the Michigan Athletic Department to see what the plan might be.

      Good luck and Go Blue!

      Barry Gallagher

  • W. Bruce Pittman says:

    Hi Barry, very nice blog. Thanks for writing about my “West Virginia brother.” I learned Yost received some credit for inventing the position of linebacker and wondered why you didn’t mention it. Then when I read your April 19 blog, I saw your did mention it. It is probably more accurate that Germany Schulz invented it on the field and his Coach, Fielding Yost, grew to like it!

    • Bruce,

      Thanks for reading my post about the legendary West Virginian – Fieldling Harris Host. I was hopeful that Rich Rodriguez might be the second coming of Mr. Yost. Of course, that did not happen – ouch!
      I don’t give Mr. Yost too much credit for “inventing” the linebacker position since Schulz basically just did it on his own and Yost agreed that it was a good idea since Germany was so good. Interesting story though.

      Take care,


  • Ron Minichello says:

    Hi JJ I have your Scrap book that I bought years ago from an Auction let me know if you have any interest in it Ron

  • Bill Earle says:

    Chuck lived in our home in Ann Arbor while he was in school. Chuck passed away last year. I failed to see the Athletic department say a word about it.

    • Bill,

      Thanks for the update. I totally missed it. I really don’t know why Michigan’s Sports Information Department/Athletic Department missed it. I will send a note to one of my contacts to update on Chuck’s passing. He was a good one!

      Barry Gallagher

  • Tom Lewis says:

    Second request. Trying to n reach Larry and or Harry Banks.. Junior and high school friends. Please pass on contact info. Thanks

    Tom Lewis – Cleveland friend of the brothers

  • Stephen Shur says:

    Had JT for a teacher at Penn State

  • Joel Fink says:

    Chuck worked selling Aluminum and Zinc Ingot for many years and was a great salesman and a fantastic man.

  • Anastasia says:

    Chris Zurbrugg is my gym teacher.

  • Deanna Witzel says:

    Really cool to see this. I was a big fan of Simpson.

  • P. D. M. says:

    You sure got game my mann

  • Karen Crook says:

    My favorite Michigan man.

  • Any Schembechler says:

    Thank you, loved reading your wonderful Ode to Bo

  • Lisa D. Graham West says:

    Please contact me regarding a football that Gordon Bell Gave my grandmother, Nell Hanlon, Coach Jerry Hanlon’s mother, and one of Mr. Bill‘s last football games for the Michigan Wolverines. It was my grandmother’s birthday and Mr. Bill had received the game ball but gave it to my grandma for a birthday present. My grandmother has passed but my family still has the game ball and we would love to get it to Mr. Bell

    • Lisa,

      Hi Lisa,

      I am not affiliated with The University of Michigan in any way. I recommend that you contact Mr. Dave Ablauf at the Athletic Department. Maybe he can put you in contact with Gordon Bell.

      Good luck and Go Blue!


  • Lonnie Hooper says:

    Neil was a outatanding young man in Highland Park. I was a friend and neighbor of his during our childhood. Glad to see Neil so instrumental in winning 4 Big 10 championships. Hoop

  • Nancy P says:

    Thank you for sharing and no one could ever come close to this amazing man and legend. Go Blue!

  • Scott C Witmer says:

    Good stuff
    A little before my time
    But i Definitely knew who he was
    Go Blue from Troy

  • Dave says:

    Hi Barry. Thoroughly enjoy your site. Do want to clear up that freshman were eligible beginning in 1972. Wondering if Rob did not play in 1973 because he had Chuck Heater, Gordon Bell, Ed Shuttlesworth, and Gil Chapman among others already on the roster.

    Also, believe that Rob and Bob Brudzinski, who played at Ohio State were the first two players from the same high school class (Fremont Ross) who became college All-Americas.

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the comment. You are absolutely correct that freshman were eligible in 1972. I did a little research in my archives and learned a little more about this issue. In the words of former Michigan Assistant Coach Jerry Hanlon “we didn’t need the freshman.” Here are some more Hanlon thoughts from Michael Spath’s excellent article on freshman eligibility in the 2012 Michigan Football Preview magazine (Pages 64-69). Hanlon said, “There were probably some that could have played, that were maybe talented enough, but we didn’t need them. We had five or six seniors, juniors or sophomores at every position, and you won with the older, stronger, and more experienced players.” According to Spath, Rob Lytle earned three carries against Purdue in 1973, but did not letter. He is not listed as the first true freshman to see the field at Michigan.


  • Paul

    Call me buddy, can’t locate you.

    Dave Smoot

  • William Rosenbqach says:

    One of THE BEST coaches of all time, Gary, and so dedicated. One mistake and that is all a lot of people remember. Gary is a great coach in life and ball.

  • Mindaugas Macius says:

    Do you have Eddie’s contact information? Andre was my son’s godfather and I would like to know more details of the past 25 yrs. He would have been proud to know his godson is now on the Spartan football coaching staff.

  • Darlene Rosema says:

    Rocky passed away on January 15, 2020

    • Hello Darlene,

      Oh my, that is very sad news. May your faith, family and friends carry you through this difficult time. I will update Rocky’s story on Feb 5, 2020.
      May he Rest In Peace.

      Barry Gallagher

  • Richard smith says:

    Belford Lawson was initiated in Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity in 1922, it is one of the oldest fraternities on the Ann Arbor Campus founded in 1909. Also while at Michigan he would win the Oratory Contest. He was known as “athlete, scholar, orator and gentleman” Later he would graduate form Howard University Law School and become the first African American attorney to win a case before the US Supreme Court. . Belford was also part of the legal team that won Henderson v. Southern Railway Company, a landmark 1950 lawsuit that abolished segregation in railroad dining cars. He is credited with making at least eight appearances before the U.S. Supreme Court. In private practice, he worked most often for business clients.
    Lawson was the 16th General President of Alpha Phi Alpha, the first intercollegiate Greek letter organization established by African Americans.[13] The fraternity sponsors an annual Belford V. Lawson Oratorical Contest. Collegiate members compete in oratorical skills at the chapter level, with the winner competing at the state, regional, and general conventions.
    Belford would marry Marjorie McKenzie, a graduate of University of Michigan as well as the Terrell and Columbia Law Schools. She would be the first African American Judge in Washington DC and later U.S. representative to the U.N. Economic and Social Council. Their home is Washington is a Historic Site
    In 1973, Lawson was elected President of YMCA of the USA. He continued to be active in law and civic activities but reduced his activities in later years. He died in Washington, D.C., in 1985
    The SPHINX _ Winter December 1923 _ Volume 9 _ Number 5 192300905 by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity –

  • Mike Reinhold says:

    Happy Birthday Coach Hanlon and thanks for the memories. Hope you are having a great day and Go Blue!

  • Carolyn Benson says:

    Mr. Gallagher, I found a Gilbert & Bacon photo card that I believe is Biff Langdon with the following tribute on the reverse : For ever your sincere friend and then it is signed “Biff” Langdon. The quotes are included in the signature. I can’t find this picture of him on the web and I wondered if I might send you a copy so you could confirm it is him (since you wrote this article).

  • Charles Pike says:

    Doc — As a founding member of Jose’s “franchise”, I am so humbled that we got to play every weekend, no matter how cold. I never knew of your so many accomplishments. None the less, I knew you were a very, very special person. Thank you ever so much for enriching my life. Charlie Pike

  • Antony F Scalia says:

    I remember watching a post game interview with coach Woody Hayes talking about this terrific end that Michigan had during that 1969 upset. That happened to be Cecil Pryor!

  • jim betts says:

    It was not Astro turf but tartan turf

  • Steven Solomon says:

    I always believed John could have started at guard on basketball team!

  • Robert Wood says:

    From one Robert Wood (born in ‘76) to another, GO BLUE!