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August 26, 2019 Lloyd Carr – His Head Coaching Journey Began in 1995

Posted on August 25, 2019 by Barry Gallagher

Today’s post is a reprise of my first post on this blog titled Lloyd Carr – The Journey Begins! It marks the twenty-fourth anniversary of Lloyd Carr’s first game at Michigan. Of course, this was an important time in Michigan Football History for many, many  reasons.

(Note-This post also marks my thirty-sixth month anniversary for this blog site. For you mathematicians out there, that’s 1,096 straight days of writing about Michigan Football History through the stories of the amazing players who made it happen. I haven’t missed a day in three years  and I am just getting started. Thanks for your support! Go Blue!)

Part I. Wolverine of the Day:  Lloyd Carr

Remember, Lloyd Carr was named as the “interim” head coach at Michigan in May 1995 following the untimely resignation of Gary Moeller. Carr was confident and determined in his first press conference in May 1995. He advised everyone who was listening, “Don’t shed any tears for Michigan…we will be back.” With that, he went to work to pull his team together and get ready for the 1995 football season.

Lloyd Carr Michigan Football 1995 | bigbluefootballhistory.com

Lloyd Carr is the first, and only, “interim” Head Coach at Michigan to make it to the College Football Hall of Fame! Photo courtesy of the Bentley Historical Library.

Lloyd Carr’s first game was August 26, 1995 which was also the first time Michigan ever played a game in the month of August (after 116 seasons). It was also the first time they participated in the Pigskin Classic, which was the first nationally televised game of the 1995 season. So, Lloyd Carr was making a lot of history in his first game as Michigan’s head coach. There was, after all, no pressure since millions of college football fans would be watching in addition to a packed house at Stadium and Main.

Yes, Carr’s first game got off to an ugly start and early in the fourth quarter his Wolverines trailed the Virginia Cavaliers by 17 points. Fortunately, Coach Carr didn’t panic and neither did his players. His calm, but intense, demeanor helped his players keep their confidence. With Carr’s support, rookie Quarterback Scott Dreisbach led his team out of  the big hole that they had dug for themselves. During the game, Dreisbach became the first Michigan quarterback to throw over fifty passes in a game. He capped an amazing comeback with a fifteen-yard touchdown pass to Mercury Hayes as time expired. Whew! Michigan won by one point  ̶  as the final score ended at 18-17. What a way to start a coaching career!

Check Out This Video

Here is an excellent video from “thetiffanyminx” about this amazing day in Michigan Football History.

Yes, Lloyd Carr earned his first head coaching victory in his very first game. Oh by the way, it was the first time the Wolverines ever came back to win when down by seventeen points. If you were counting, there were nine firsts in the August 26, 1995 game.

Lloyd Carr’s Coaching “Firsts” on August 26, 1995

Here is a listing of the “firsts” that took place on that memorable day:

  1. Lloyd Carr became the first, and only, “interim” Head Football Coach to lead a team at Michigan.
  2. Carr’s first season at Michigan.
  3. Lloyd Carr’s first game at Michigan.
  4. Michigan’s first game in the month of August.
  5. Michigan’s first Kickoff Classic game.
  6. First game that a Michigan Quarterback (Scott Dreisbach) threw over 50 passes (52) in one game.
  7. First time a Michigan Football team came back to win after being down by 17 points.
  8. Coach Carr’s first win at Michigan.
  9. Coach Carr’s first win in the Big House.

Actually, I think that Lloyd Carr is the first, and only, Michigan coach to ever see nine “firsts” to start his career! The good news was that there would be many, many more. One thing you can say about Coach Carr’s Michigan career  ̶  it had some mountain top highs, some very low, lows, and lots of very, very interesting games!  Thanks to Coach Lloyd Carr for his thirteen successful years as Michigan’s head coach! He is the first, and only, “interim” coach in Michigan Football History to make it to the College Football Hall of Fame!

Part II. August 26, 2019 National Day Calendar Update




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