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January 30, 2017 Happy Birthday Glenn Doughty

Posted on January 30, 2017 by Barry Gallagher

Today is a great day to wish a M Go Blue Happy Birthday to Glenn Doughty. Glenn Doughty is one of my favorite Wolverines for many reasons. First, he starred in the first Michigan football game I ever attended on September 20, 1969. Second, it was also Bo’s first game at Michigan. Third, Glenn was also the first Michigan Man I ever met in person when we shook hands outside Bo Schembechler’s office in 1986! Oh, but how I digress! Let’s learn more about Glenn’s Michigan football career.

Glenn Martin Doughty was born in Detroit, Michigan. He attended Pershing High School where he was a three-sport star (football, basketball and baseball). Bump Elliott recruited the talented to play for him at Michigan.

Glenn Doughty vs MSU in 1969 | bigbluefootballhistory.com

Glenn Doughty (#22) in action against Michigan State in 1969. Garvie Craw (#48) is poised to take out a Spartan defender to clear the way for Doughty. Photo courtesy of the Bentley Historical Library.

Glenn came to Ann Arbor in 1968 and spent his freshman year learning the “Elliott Way” to play football at Michigan. He hit the books and the practice field and did everything he could do to get ready for the 1969 football season. However, everything changed when Bump Elliott resigned his coaching job to become an Assistant Athletic Director to Don Canham in November 1968. Glenn’s life would change forever with the hiring of a guy named Bo Schembechler in December 1968.

In Glenn’s words, Spring Football practice in 1969 was “like Marine basic training!” It was the hardest thing that Doughty and his teammates had ever done in their young sports life – period! Almost 130 players started Spring Drills and many quit by the day. When the dust finally settled, about seventy-men were ready for Schembechler football! Glenn Doughty was one of them!

Glenn’s Michigan career started off about as well as it could have. He earned a start in his first game at tailback and rushed for 138 yards on 15 carries. He averaged 9.2 yards per carry that day which was boosted by an 80-yard touchdown run on his first carry! Things got even better in week two when he totaled 191 yards on 29 carries. He scored another touchdown and averaged 6.6 yards per carry. An injury slowed him down for a few games and he lost his starting job to a guy named Billy Taylor. Glenn finished the season as Michigan’s second leading rusher (732 yards) and scored four touchdowns.

Glenn Doughty and Teammates 1969 | bigbluefootballhistory.com

Glenn Doughty (last man on the right) shown here with teammates Randy Logan, Billy Taylor and Don Moorhead from the 1969 football team. Photo courtesy of the Bentley Historical Library.

Glenn’s athleticism could not be ignored and Bo wanted to keep the talented Doughty and Billy Taylor on the field as much as possible. Glenn’s role changed and he split time between running the ball and catching the ball. He did whatever Bo needed him to do and he did it very well. Glenn Doughty posted solid numbers (rushing, receiving and special teams) wherever Schembechler needed them.

When his career was over, Glenn Doughty and his teammates had accomplished an impressive body of work. Michigan’s record during the “Doughty Years was 28 wins and 5 losses. Those impressive numbers helped produce two Big Ten titles and a second-place finish. Bo, with the help of Glenn Doughty and many other outstanding players, raised the football standards at Michigan back to a championship level and they stayed there for a long, long time!

Glenn went on to a successful eight-year career in the National Football League with the Baltimore Colts. He followed up on his playing years with a long and successful business career. Check out the excellent Wikipedia article for the details.

Of course, I couldn’t be writing about my friend Glenn Doughty today if he wasn’t associated with some Michigan football “firsts.” Glenn certainly has his share. Check them out!

·         Glenn Doughty played on Bo Schembechler’s first team in 1969.

·         Doughty was the first Schembechler running back to score on his first carry (80-yards) on September 20, 1969 against Vanderbilt.

·         Glenn was the first Schembechler back to rush for over one-hundred yards (138). I think he had 100 yards before the first half was over.

·         Interestingly, Glenn Doughty was also part of Bo’s first 100-yard rushing yard duo along with quarterback Don Moorhead (103) on September 20, 1969.

·         Glenn Doughty was also the first Schembechler running back to be part of three 100-yard rushing yard duos at Michigan in 1969 (Vanderbilt, Washington, and Iowa).

·         Doughty was also part of Bo Schembechler’s first Big Ten co-championship team (6-1-0) in 1969 and the first championship team in 1971 (8-0-0).

·         Of course, Glenn Doughty wrote a great Foreword to my first book about Michigan football in August 2014. I will always be grateful to Glenn for his support! (You can order it by going to the book page at the top of the site,)

There is so much more to say about Glenn Doughty, but I will let you read it by checking out the links below. You can also watch the video of his 80-yard touchdown run in his first game. Once again, I highly recommend the Wikipedia article about Glenn’s life. It would take a book to tell Glenn’s story and I don’t have the time right now, but down the road, who knows?

So, today is a great day to celebrate the contributions of Glenn Doughty and his contributions to the great history of Michigan football. I hope he has a great day today on his special day. Happy Birthday Glenn and Go Blue!





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