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January 22, 2018 Rest in Peace Neil W. Snow

Posted on January 22, 2018 by Barry Gallagher

The main purpose of today’s post is to honor the memory of a Wolverine great named Neil W. Snow who went to rest in peace on this day in 1914. However, fefore we look at Mr. Snow’s Michigan career, let’s talk about today’s trivia.

Part I. Trivia Question of the Day – January 21, 2018:

Who was the first, and only, Michigan quarterback to throw six touchdown passes in one game?

Part I. Trivia Question Answer for January 21, 2018:   Jake Rudock

Yes, fortunately,Jim Harbaugh always seems to be looking for another quarterback. That was certainly the case when he arrived at Michigan in December 2014. Harbaugh thought he needed more talent on the roster at the signal caller position. So, he reached out to a young man named Jake Rudock who had lost his starting job at Iowa late in the 2014 football season.

As a graduate transfer, Rudock was ruled to be immediately eligible for the 2015 season. Of course, this didn’t earn him the starting job, it only earned him the right to “compete” in Jim Harbaugh’s “football meritocracy.”

Jake Rudock won the starting job in 2015. However, he got off to a shaky start with three interceptions in his first game – a 17-24 loss at Utah. Fortunately, he kept working, learned the offense and got comfortable with his receivers. Rudock threw six touchdown passes against Indiana in November 2015. His effort broke the previous record of four TD passes which was shared by a number of Wolverine quarterbacks.

Fortunately, Jake Rudock finished his Michigan ‘career” with a solid season and a BIG win (41-7) in the Citrus Bowl. Even though he only played one season at Michigan, Jake Rudock set a few records and led the Wolverines to a record of 10 wins and 3 losses.

Part II. Trivia Question of the Day – January 22, 2018:

In what year did Michigan first start playing games in the Western Conference?

Part III. Wolverine of the Day: Neil W. Snow  

Today is a great day to honor the memory of Neal W. Snow who continues to rest in peace in Detroit, Michigan. Neal Worthington Snow died on this day in 1914 at the age of thirty-four. Snow is absolutely one of the greatest athletes ever to graduate from The University of Michigan – period! Please allow me to explain.

Neil W. Snow graduated from high school in 1897. In addition to being an outstanding football player, he was also an excellent bowler and a boxer too! Snow arrived on campus in 1898 to earn a degree and compete for the Michigan Wolverines.

Although he was a freshman, Neil W. Snow impressed Coach Gustave Ferbert with his athleticism and his toughness. He earned ten starts as an End on the 1898 team that won the Western Conference Championship. Snow started seven more games for Ferbert’s Wolverines in 1899.

The 1900 season was notable in that Coach Ferbert left Ann Arbor to go dig for gold in Alaska. Enter a new coach named Langdon “Bif” Lea. The popular Snow had been elected to fill the role of captain for the 1900 team so Lea must have been impressed with that. Snow started nine games on Bif Lea’s first, and only, Michigan team that finished at 7-2-1.

When Lea left after the 1900 season, Athletic Director hired a guy name Fielding Yost. It turned out to be the last football coach that Charles Baird would have to hire. Neal W. Snow made a good impression on Coach Yost, but Yost had a different plan for the seasoned Snow. Yost thought that Snow could make a bigger contribution to the Wolverines if he played fullback. So, Neal Snow started eleven games at fullback in 1901. The rest, as they say, is history!

Neil W. Snow Michigan Football 1901 | bigbluefootballhistory.com

Neil W. Snow was one of the greatest players ever to play at Michigan. Photo courtesy of the Bentley Historical Library at The University of Michigan.

Of course, the 1901 is often described as the greatest team in Michigan and college football history! The first Yost team was absolutely loaded with great players and Neal W. Snow was one of them. Michigan rolled through eleven teams on their schedule and finished the season with perfect records of (11-0-0 overall) and (4-0-0 conference). Even more amazing was the fact that they outscored their opponents by a margin of 550-0! Those numbers are almost unbelievable, but that’s what happened!

Neal W. Snow earned many accolades and honors for his outstanding accomplishments and contributions to Michigan football. As I already mentioned, he was the captain of the 1900 team. He earned All-Western recognition for four straight seasons (1898 to 1901) and was selected for All-American honors in 1901. He was also the first MVP of the first Rose Bowl game in January 1902.

So, on the anniversary of his passing, let us remember a very distinguished Michigan Man. Again, Neal W. Snow was one of the greatest athletes in the history of The University of Michigan. Today, let us honor his memory and celebrate his accomplishments. Thank you, Neal Snow for a life well-lived, albeit way too short. May Neal W. Snow continue to rest in peace. Go Blue!





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