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Happy Birthday M-Man Allen Jefferson!

Posted on September 17, 2016 by Barry Gallagher

Today we celebrate the birth of Michigan Man Allen Jefferson. Allen Jefferson came to Michigan from Detroit DeLasalle high school in 1986. Allen was recruited to play running back for Bo Schembechler. After red-shirting in his freshman year, he started to see the field in 1987.  I always remember Allen Jefferson as a fast, smooth running back who seemed to glide through the holes and into the open field.

I was shocked to learn that Allen Jefferson is not credited with any starts over his four-year playing career in Ann Arbor. I had season tickets from 1987-1989 and I know he played a lot of football. It was very surprising indeed to learn that he didn’t earn a start for Bo or Mo. Michigan had some outstanding running backs in those days (Jamie Morris, Phil Webb, Ricky Powers, Jon Vaughn, Tony Boles, Leroy Hoard and the list goes on.

Even though he didn’t start any games from 1987 through 1990, he played a lot. Check out the links below to look at his Michigan stats. He averaged almost six yards per carry (5.7) and scored fourteen touchdowns so he put in some quality time in the Michigan backfield.

Allen Jefferson was fortunate to play on some very good teams when he was at Michigan. The Wolverines won three consecutive Big Ten championships from 1988 to 1990. He also played on Bo’s last Rose Bowl winning team – a 22-14 win over Southern California on January 1, 1989. He scored the only touchdown in Bo’s final game, as Michigan’s lost to USC (17-10) on January 1, 1990. So, if you ever see a trivia question about “who scored the last touchdown of the Bo Schembechler Era?” the answer is: Allen Jefferson! Check out the video link below and advance to the 1:37 mark. Allen Jefferson scores on a two-yard run to help tie the game at 10-10. Sadly, you know how it ended!


Wherever he is today, I hope Allen Jefferson is doing well and enjoys his special day. He came to play for Bo and he stayed to become a champion  just like Bo promised! Happy Birthday Michigan Man Allen Jefferson! Thanks for the memories and Go Blue!



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