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September 4, 2017 A Bigger, Better Big House!

Posted on September 4, 2017 by Barry Gallagher

Today’s post is a reflection about a day that gave Michigan Fans a Bigger, Better Big House! Instead of talking about a player, or players, today, we will focus on a very important day in the history of Michigan Football and Michigan Stadium. September 4, 2010 marked the official re-dedication of newly renovated Michigan Stadium. It was a day that got Michigan closer to Fielding H. Yost’s vision for the stadium – one that would hold nearly 120,000 people. Yost’s original concepts for a new stadium scared a lot of people who thought he was a little bit crazy. After all, who could ever think that over one hundred thousand people would gather regularly to watch college football? Well, Mr. Yost did and that’s why he built his magnificent stadium for the ages!

The Big House never looked better as three years of work culminated in the expansion of the stadium as well as access areas, seat sizes, rest rooms – you name it. It was time to fix and improve anything and everything about the special structure located at the corner of Stadium Boulevard and Main Street. Athletic Director, Bill Martin, made sure that every detail was taken care of so that Michigan would remain the ”leaders and the best” in  terms of stadium capacity, accommodations and amenities. Yes, this was a very, very BIG makeover! Once again, the goal was simple – a bigger, better Big House!

An overflow crowd of 113,090 people set a new all-time football attendance record on this perfect football day. Rich Rodriguez won his second consecutive home opener as the Wolverines defeated the University of Connecticut by a score of 30-10.

There were a number of interesting “firsts” on this special day.

  • First, it was the first game between Michigan and the University of Connecticut.
  • Second, it was Michigan’s first win over the University of Connecticut.
  • Third, Denard Robinson started his first game at quarterback.
  • Fourth, Robinson set a school record for QB rushing by becoming the first Michigan quarterback to rush for 197 yards on 29 carries. He also completed 19 of 22 passes. He rushed for one touchdown (32 yards) and threw for another (11 yards).
  • Fifth, this was the first crowd to exceed 113, 000 people in a college owned football stadium.

Overall, it was an impressive crowd, an impressive win and another impressive start to a Michigan Football season. So, today is a good day to reflect on a bigger and better Big House – the absolute best football stadium on the planet! For more information on the 2010 Michigan Stadium Re-dedication Game check out Keith Jackson’s video narrative:


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